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Thanks to the father of one of the students of the 3AK (2006/07) we had the privilege to get a date for a tour of the Vienna International Center very quickly. Usually these tours are booked in advance quite a long time. This tour of the UN on March 28, 2007 was not only an interesting excursion in itself, it was also a good preparation for our visit to the UN Headquarters in New York in the course of our US project in April/May 2007.

The father of the student who had arranged everything welcomed us at the entrance and soon afterwards our tour guide arrived. First, we visited the UN Peace Bell in the courtyard of the building, then we followed our guide.

This young man was very effective. He not only gave the students a good survey of the huge number of members of the UN, he also offered a good introduction in the numerous tasks the UN has to carry out worldwide. 

Together with New York, Geneva and Nairobi, Vienna is an important headquarters for the UN. UNIDO, IAEA and UNODC are only some of the organizations which have got their main offices in Vienna.

We saw one of the meeting rooms, learned about the official languages used in UN meetings, the hard work of interpreters etc. etc. Apart from all the information offered, the young people also had several chances to ask questions and to contribute their own impressions and ideas of the work of a peace organization like the UN.

After having watched a movie on the work which had been carried out by UN representatives in 2006, we even got the chance to enjoy a wide variety of international food in the UN cafeteria. Finally, we passed the hundreds of flags hanging from the ceiling again, thanked for the hospitality and left. Now we are looking forward to our the visit of the UN Headquarters in New York!

The students of the 4BK (2010/11) had missed the opportunity to visit the UN headquarter in New York City in spring 2010. In order to make good for that, they could visit the Vienna International Center on October 13, 2010 ogether with the students of the focus subject Entrepreneurship.

As the group was rather big, we had two guides: one from France and the other one from the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Due to the request of the youngsters, the guides held the tour in English. They informed us about the history of the building, the numerous conference rooms and the work of the interpreters as well as about the UN Organization, which are based in Vienna: UNIDO, IAEA, UNODC, CTBTO and UNOOSA.

All these organizations fulfil a number of very important tasks, from the promotion of the industrial development to the reduction of drugs and nuclear weapons and the exploration of the universe.
On April 20, 2012 the students of the der 1BL (2011/12) visited the Vienna International Center in the course of the partnership witht the Gimnazija Poljane (Ljubljana). As the Slovenian group arrived a lot earlier than the Austrian group, we could not - as planned - mix the students in the German and the English tour. Nevertheless, both groups had an excellent tour and learned a lot about the various tasks covered by the United Nations in Vienna.
Dr. Susanne Pratscher und Mag. Bettina Seidl


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