Touring Exhibition

Europe - A Success Story with Prospect (2012) 

The EU-Touring Exhibition of the Österr. Gesellschaft für Europapolitik was displayed at the festival hall of the VBS-HAKII Hamerlingplatz and VBS-HAKIII Schönborngasse from January 23-February 3, 2012.

Again the students of numerous classes got the chance to collect lots of information about the EU for two weeks, and also to discuss Europe-related topics.

On January 26, 2012 the students of the 2AK, 3CK, 4AK and 1BL of the VBS Schönborngasse as well as guests from Germany, Belgium, Sweden and the United Kingdom, who visited our school in the course of the Comenius-Project Ecology and Everyday Life in Europe, participated in a panel discussion, which was moderated by Mag. Paul Schmidt, Secretary General of the Österreichische Gesellschaft für Europapolitik (see below).
A quiz helped the students test what they already know about the EU and also find out, in which fields they should probably improve their their knowledge.

3BL Gruppe 2
It also was an incentive for all visitors, to really study the posters and try to find as many answers as possible.

It was a pleasure to see, how quickly most of them found the answers, and how energetic the young people are, when they can show that they are able to deal with European affairs.




Dipl. KW Marion Obermayr, who works for the Österr. Gesellschaft für Europapolitik, and who coordinates the tour of the exhibiton around Austria, helped us invite three very competent and highly interesting guests to this debate: Mag. Paul Schmidt (Secretary General of the Österreichischen Gesellschaft für Europapolitik) moderated the panel discussion and also contributed a number of answers to the students' questions in the course of the debate.
Dr. Arad Benkö (Ambassador, who works for the Austrian Ministry for Foreign Affairs) was happy to answer questions about the structures and working processes within the EU, and Christian Keglovits  (European Centre for Renewable Energy Güssing) informed us thoroughly about the beginnings of the European Centre for Renewable Energy in Güssing and about the success of the project, which was started in the mid-1990ies. 

Considering, that the working language of the Comenius project is English and most of our guests did not speak German, the whole event was held in English.
It was a special pleasure for us, that also our Austrian students were not shy and posted a number of questions in the foreign language. The more they practice using a foreign language, the easier this will be for them later in their business careers..
Also the teachers of the partner schools contributed a number of good questions and arguments to the discussion, in the course of which it was highly interesting to compare the different viewpoints of the national groups. This international flair made the event especially lively and the 90 minutes passed by very quickly..

© Dr. Susanne Pratscher

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