Blue Lakes in Belarus


As 2003 was the international year of water, Vladimir Kalinin from Smorgon worked with a group of students from the 12th grade of Gymnasium N4 on a UNESCO project concerning the water quality of 7 lakes near their home town.

They called their project "Blue Lakes", and they divided it into three chapters: the cleanness of water, the biochemical structure of the water and the aim to make the government and the society aware of the importance of high water quality.

The students counted the lakes which were subject of their research by numbers. They found out, that lakes No. 1, 5 and 6 had a good water quality, while the water of lakes No. 3, 4 and 7 needs improvement.


Vladimir presenting the results of the research at a UNESCO Human Rights Conference in Minsk


Their water contains a rather high amount of remains of oil and oil products, due to the fact, that they are located near to settlements, roads and places where soldiers of the army were trained regularly in former times. 

It was a big honour for Vladimir and his students, that they got the opportunity to present the results of their research at a UNESCO Conference in December 2003.



They also could present their findings in local newspapers and on local TV stations. One of the big goals - apart from generally drawing people's attention to the importance of clean water - is, that in the future the represenative of the government, who is responsible for the cultivation of the landscape, should also be in charge of the water resources.

Vladimir Kalinin (coach), Darja Lebecho (11th grade, Gymnasium N4 in Smorgon), Susanne Pratscher (translation)


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