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All in all you can - at the moment -  find 307 places and buildings in the EU member states and in the candidate countries, which were classified as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. According to UNESCO, there were 812 sites classified as World Heritage in October 2005 worldwide. Here you can learn, how a place is chosen to become a World Heritage Site. you can also visit the website of the World Heritage Committee.


Our main source in this research was the official UNESCO WHS-website. There is also a German version available, which does not offer all the links to the various places.   

Austria BelgiumBulgaria Croatia Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark




Austria and Hungary

Austria (German info)

Estonia and 9 other countries

Finland and 9 other countries
France Germany Germany and Poland Greece Hungary Ireland Italy

France and Spain


Hungary and Slovakia  

Italy and

Holy See


Latvia Lithuania


Malta Netherlands Portugal Poland

Latvia and 9 other countries

Lithuania and Russia

  Poland and Germany

 Lithuania and 9 other countries

Spain and France

Romania Slovakia Slovenia Spain Sweden Turkey United Kingdom

Slovakia and Hungary Sweden and 9 other countries

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