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 HTL Spengergasse
Open Day at the European Union (2015)
Zusammen Österreich (2015)
Workshop Weltsicht entwickeln - Bilder im Kopf 2015
Environment Workshops (2014)
EU Touring Exhibiton 2013
European Day of Languages
Visit of an EU Delegation
EU Touring Exhibition 2011
European Social Fund

 VBS-HAKIII Schoenborngasse
EU Touring Exhibition 2012
Centrope 4 You (2010)
EU Touring Exhibition 2010
EU Touring Exhibition 2009
eQNet - Quality Network for a European Learning Resource Exchange (October 2009 - September 2012; BMUKK)
INSPIRE - Innovative ScieNce Pedagogy in Research and Education (January 2008 - December 2009)
eLCluster (since 2007)
Europe Schools in Austria (2006)
European Book Towns (2006)
Legends of the World (2006)
Wonders of the World (2006)
Wonders of Europe (2006)
P2V - Peer Learning in Europe (since 2006)
European Mountains (2006)
European Capitals and their "younger sisters" in the US (2006)
European Landmarks (2005)
European Currencies (2005), incl. a Webquest in German and English
Cultural Capitals of Europe
Europe's Secret Capitals (2005)
iClass - Intelligent Distributed Cognitive-based Open Learning Systems for Schools (Februar 2004 - Juli 2008)
The geographic centre(s) of Europe (2004/2006)
Business Map (2004)
Sports Activities (2004)
European Poems (2004)

European Symbols (2004)

European Flags (2004)

European Constitutions (2004), incl. a Webquest in German and English

Capital Cities and Capitals of the World (2004)
European Anthems (2003, updated 2007)
European Stereotypes (2003-2005), incl. a Webquest in German, English and Slovenian
European National Holidays (2003), incl. a Webquest in German and English
Nobel Prizes awarded to Europeans (2003)
World Heritage Sites in Europe (2003)
European Towns (2003)
Tour des Capitales (2003)
EU Poster Project (2003)
Country Profiles (2003-2009)

Euro-Quiz (2001)

A Motto for Europe (2000)

Brussels Excursion (1999)  

Leonardo Project (1999)

Various Austrian schools
Economic Bridge - Language activity for four age groups in Hungary and Austria
The European Festival of the French Language is held every year in another Austrian province in cooperation with the French Cultural Institute.
Bildung Online
Spring Vibrations (2006 & 2007, VS Weizberg, BHAK Weiz u.v.a.)

I have a dream (2003) - was a painting contest on "community" of the Sonderpädagogische Zentrum Kufstein (Tirol), which aimed at raising students' ability and readiness to integrate themselves and be integrated in the small community of their area on the one hand - and the big community of Europe as a final goal. Please visit this site and see how the "European dream" is growing here! On May 16, 2003 the prizes were handed over to the winners in a wonderful event in Kufstein. As a representative of the EU Dr. Wolfger Mayrhofer from the province government of the Tyrol presented the prizes to the winners.

E-Democratic Classes Twinning (HTL Dornbirn)

Das Projekt E-Democratic Classes Twinning wurde durchgeführt mit der Unterstützung des Staatssekretariates für Bildung und Forschung SBF. Beteiligt waren Klassen aus der Schweiz, sowie ihre Partnerklassen aus Deutschland, Österreich, Frankreich und Italien.

Totatlitarismus-Projekt (BORG Mittersill) - Otto Pirzl aus Graz war an der Schule zu Besuch und hat mit den Jugendlichen diskutiert.

Schools in other European nations
Cyberfax 2008 was a French cinema project. Students were invited to write their own film reviews.
The Global SchoolNet Foundation (GSN), founded in 1984 by teachers who believed that in a connected world students need a global perspective, brings together youth online from 194 countries to explore community, cultural and scientific issues that prepare them for the workforce and help them to become responsible and literate global citizens.   Global SchoolNet's free membership program provides project-based learning support materials, resources, activities, lessons and special offers from Global SchoolNet partners.
The International School Theatre project is focused on international cooperation between school theatre teams and establishing cross-cultural performances.
50 Years Together in Europe (2007)

Plant for the Planet - A UN Cyberschoolbus Project

The United Nations Environment Programme was launched in 2007 as a major worldwide tree planting campaign. Under the Plant for the Planet: Billion Tree Campaign, people, communities, business and industry, civil society organizations and governments are encouraged to enter tree planting pledges. The objective of 2007 was to plant at least one billion trees worldwide.

Carl von Linné (1707-1778), the "Father of Taxonomy", was a pupil of a school in the South of Sweden. His system of classification and naming of biological organisms, such as animals and plants, in groups, according to their similarities and differences is still in wide use, with a few modifications.
In January 2007 schools in Sweden and other countries celebrated the 300th anniversary of Linné's birthday. Students and teachers were invited to contribute to the celebrations by doing a project "The Linnéan way ... to identify and to learn about Biology".
The purpose of the Swedish project Woodland Network was not to copy Linné's work, but to try to draft a guide of selected scientific matter such as leaves, twigs, buds, fruits, vegetables, insects, minerals. The guide should be written, preferably in English. The best guides were published online.
For more information about how to follow Linné's footsteps go to:
Languages: Deutsch, English, Francais, Italiano, Svenska

Wonders 2007, was the second European Science Festival in 2007. This EU funded project was coordinated by EUSEA, the European Science Events Association, together with EUN, the European Schoolnet, and EUSJA, the European Union of Science Journalists’ Associations. In the role play Decide students could debate and finally come to decisions about six differnent issues.

CISCI (Cinema and Science)

was an Austrian project for all who are interested in Cinema and Sciences. This service was mainly targeted at teachers, pupils and students. But everyone else was welcome, too.

A fantastic website lists a great number of Castles of Latvia. If you want to learn more about the Castles of Italy and Slovenia, you should not miss an eTwinning project, which was carried out by Noemi Lusi (Italy) and Magdalena Bobek (Slovenia) with their students.
Traditions of Europe in Story and Song (2005 - collected by Tim Lavery/Ireland, included traditions from Bulgaria, Denmark, France, Ireland, Italy, Poland and Romania )
Young Reporters (2004-07)


is an initiative supported by the IMB Corporation and directed especially at younger students. The goal is to help them understand sciences better and to enjoy their first steps in research.

The Virtual Museum of the European roots is a Leonardo project aiming at helping the students to discover our cultural heritage.
European Recipes (2004)
The CityAlbum takes us on a virtual tour to beautiful places in Belgium, Denmark, Germany, France, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland and the Czech Republic, incl. numerous pictures.

Our Europe

is an activity which addresses schools registered with the myEUROPE and eTwinning projects. Its main goal is to encourage classes to work collaboratively on chosen topics related to European citizenship. The partner classes will create a common contribution, which will be published on the myEUROPE website.


has been supported by the IBM Corporation since 2004. This volunteer program brings adult professionals and students together in online relationships. Employee-volunteers are ready to provide students with academic assistance and career counseling, while letting them know that adults do care about their issues and concerns.

Europe Expedition (2004), incl. a Webquest in German and English
Fountains of Europe (2004 - a Twinning project of Noemi Lusi/Italy and Jozef Medvecký/Slovakia)
Wall to Wall (2004 - created by Theresa Yiakoumatou/Greece)


If you want to learn more about the huge network of European roads which cover our continent like y huge spider web, you can do that here!

Kinderstraße - Die Straße in der ich wohne (2004 - an initiative of the German ministry of education)
In the project European Team Spirit Inara Zlaugotne (Latvia) in 2004 collected information about European sports people and their achievements.
Robinson Crusoe (2004)
Harry Potter (2004)
European Fairy Tales (2004)
A European Novel (2004)
Traditional costumes in Latvia (2004 - created by Inara Zlaugotne from the Engure Secondary School). If you want to read more about them, you can study Inara's article.
The One-Euro-Gift (2004 - a Twinning Project of the Konrad Adenauer Gymnasium Bonn/Germany and Vilnius Pilaites Secondary School/ Lithuania)
In 2004, a high school from Zywiec (Poland) started a project called Together in Europe, concentrating on folklore and cultural traditions. If you are interested in contributing, please go to the project website and contact the school.
A postcard from Europe (2004 and 2007) was a creative activity which aimed at enabling student to show their villages/towns/cities in the EU to as many people as possible.
Culture in a Box (2004)
Let's Sing Together (2005 - Singing Week organized by Jozef Medvecky/Slovakia)
European Music (2004)
If we are together, EU (and you!!) can make it (2004 - created by Noemi Lusi/Italy, who invited students in notebook classes to communicate with each other)

Flowers for Europe (2004 - Halina Bednarz/Poland)

Various flower arrangements, which meant to represent particular countries, were made of natural and artificial flowers by the students of a Gardening School in Mokrzeszow / Poland, under the supervision of the school teachers.

Birds - Europeans Unlimited (2004 - a fascinating project of Inara Zlaugotne and her colleague Juris Lagzdins/Latvia).

European Webcams (2003 - collected by Reinhard Bock/Germany)

Spring in Belarus (2003)

Listen to Europe (2003 - arranged by Birgit Tramnitz in Bonn/Germany, who asked colleagues in Europe and their students to say "One Euro 10 cent" in their mother tongues)


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