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The list below can never be complete, but it offers links to some high quality webquests. If you find some more good ones, or create them yourself, please send me an e-mail, so that I can include them here.


From my experience, students can learn from teachers, and teachers can also learn from their students, esp. concering the new media. Read an article on this topic!


Here you can find a number of highly interesting learning objects.:

The Webquest Place

Webquests created by a team of teachers from all over Europe

Webquests (Schule.at)
Webquests im Unterricht
Webquests (Englisch - Jürgen Wagner)
Webquests (Französisch - Jürgen Wagner und Franziska Carrouée)
Webquests Marco Deola
Webquests - Politische Bildung
Playmit ist ein von Hubert Hilgert von der PTS Enns entwickeltes pädagogisches Lernportal, bei dem du die Chance hast, durch Wissen tolle Preise zu erarbeiten. Es ist kostenlos und jeder kann mitmachen!
EUROPEAN online Learningbietet jungen Leuten eine Vielzahl von Möglichkeiten, mehr über Europa zu lernen. Partnerklassen können in einem interaktiven Spiel gegeneinander antreten und testen, wer mehr über Europa weiß.
Macmillan Webquests
Beschlussfassung in der Europäischen Union

Quizzes über alle europäischen Staaten

Quizzes über viele andere Staaten weltweit
Kim Neale from the UK has created a number of fascinating quizzes,  which you should not miss.
The government of the German province of Niedersachsen runs an interesting Website: Entdecke Europa, where you can find a number of quizzes.
Students from Slovenia drafted a very nice quiz on their country! Just try to find ou thow much you know about this rather small southern neighbouring country of Austria! 

If you are still interested in some more quizzes, I suggest you go to FunTrivia, which offers a wide variety of quizzes, not only about European countries, but also about numerous countries worldwide. 

There are many funny geography quizzes available here!
Capital Cities and a quiz on Countries and Capitals of the World
European Geography games

National Holidays


Europe Day - How to celebrate? (by Annegret Weeke)


The European Anthem (by Susanne Bachtrog)



Festivals and Celebrations round the year (by Macmillan)

Christmas (1)

Christmas (2) by Rosemary Skinner and Elizabeth Weldon (Australia), and Nancy Barkhouse (Canada).

No more Easter by Mildred Pioli

Walking around Europe (created by Bernard Dupriez (Belgium) in German, English, French and Italian)
Exploring EuropeEntdeckungsreise durch Europa
Picture Quiz Europe (crossword and quiz file)Bilder Quiz Europa (Kreuzworträtsel und Quiz)

Picture Quiz Vienna (crossword and quiz file)

Bilder Quiz Wien (Kreuzworträtsel und Quiz)

From all four Corners of Europe
Think European (by Linos Viglas)
The Danube



Evropsko državljanstvo (Slovenian; by Viljenka Savli)
European Map - Puzzle (by Viljenka Savli)

EU countries and their international acronyms (by Ruta Aukspole)

The Baltic countries (by Ruta Aukspole)

City Webquests of cities in Europe an overseas (by Macmillan)

Jean Monnet and EU History (by John Simkin)

Historia de Europa 1 (Spanish)

Historia de Europa 2 (Spanish)

Historia de Europa 3 (Spanish)

(by Juan Carlos Ocaña)

European Unity (by John Simkin)
European Citizenship (by Noemi Lusi)



European Stereotypes (by Susanne Pratscher, Austrian Spring Teacher 2004-2006 and Janja Jakoncic Faganel, Slovenian Spring Teacher 2003) - available in three languages: German, English and Slovenian.
European Multilingual Citizenry (by Noemi Lusi)

European Currencies

Europäische Währungen

Sheppard Softward Games and Quizzes
Students' Webquests
Teacher Webquests
Around the World (by Barb Messer) 
What does it mean to be Australian (by Cheryl Kerr)  
Webquest Blog 

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