The perfect European

In the school year 2004/05, the students of the VBS-HAKIII Schoenborngasse (Vienna) and the Gimnazija Poljane (Ljubljana) discussed the questions, which qualities we need to become perfect Europeans.


Already the year before, they had done some research on stereotypes and had tried to find out, which elements are responsible for the sometimes very clear pictures we work out in our minds of other nations.

The picture to the left represents the good-natured Austrian, who is able to relac an wants to spend his day free of stress. If you want to learn more about the ideas of the students of the two partner schools, you should study The Perfect European (from Austria and Slovenia) a bit closer.

In addition to the ideas of the students we would like to make some suggestions, which are partly based on the book Keiner ist so toll wie wir by Markus Huber und Robert Treichler, an which presents humorous stereotypes of allen bigger European Nations. The ideas for the inhabitants of the ministates are based on a brainstorming carried out with students during a lesson on stereotypes. The perfect European should ...

... love to travel to Italy like the Albanians.
... have two heads of state like the Andorrans.
... be as multicultual as the Bosnians.
... be as passionate a sailor as the Icelanders.
... know as much about arts as the inhabitants of Liechtenstein.
... unite as many ethnic groups in one country as the Moldavians.
... be able to reduce the taxes to a minimum as perfectly as the Monegasques.
... be as perfect mountain climbers as the inhabitants of Montenegro.
... be able to knit pullovers as perfectly as the Norwegians.
... be as hard-drinking as the Russians.
... build castles on mountain tops as perfectly as the inhabitants of San Marino.
... live neutrality as passionately as the Swiss.
... make his country smaller and smaller like the Serbs.
... describe revolutions by the names of colours like the Ukrainians.
... be a world champion in praying and in collecting precious pieces of arts like the inhabitants of the Vatican.
... look for mushrooms as perfectly as the Belarussians.


Resource: the work of the students from Vienna and Ljubljana

Picture of the perfect Austrian: Claudia Stögerer (AIVb, 2004/05)


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