Imagination - Pictures in your mind

If we think of everyday life situations, which are typical for a country, the definite pictures which we have in our heads immediately come to our minds, when we think of these situations, which are sort of a symbol for the country in question. We see the flag of a country, e.g., and immediately, the shape of the country on the map comes to our mind, or we think of a famous building in this country.

The same is true for coins: we see an Austrian Euro coin, and immediately think the country with the red-white-red flag, where the people love to eat Wiener Schnitzel.

We see the country code top-level domain at the end of a web site address and in most cases we immediately know, which country is the "home" of this web site. We see a picture of the EU-Parliament in Brussels, and sponteaneously think of the "capital of Europe".

All these are stereotypes, and we are hardly aware of them. In the enclosed Webquest you can test, which of these pictures and symbols you are familiar with, so that you automatically connect them with the name, shape or flag of a country.

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