Now you have enlarged your knowledge of stereotypes and clichés in Europe quite a lot. Hopefully you enjoyed it! If you are still interested to learn more about this topic, you should visit the following web sites from time to time:


EU Enlargement
European Commission
Celebrating Europe!
European Parliament
The European Parliament and the Construction of Europe
Currencies of Europe (games and quizzes)
Banknotes of Europe
List of currencies
National Anthems
Fit for Europe
European Information Service
Homepage Europa
Spotlights on Europe
East-West Information Service
Geography Quiz
Italians and Europeans (by Bruno Bozzetto)
Guess who ...
Guess who's coming to dinner
Atlas of Wisdom
In search of the Perfect European
Stereotypes about Germans and Americans (videos)

In search of the Perfect European

Perfect Europe
Intercultural differences
The Perfect European (exercises)
Notions of American behaviour
How to teach stereotypes
Lesson plan for teaching stereotypes
Understanding Stereotypes (Webquest)


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